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Green Gifts for Men

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There are gifts for every budget, listed in increasing order by price. The list will be updated as I find more unique, thoughtful gifts, so please check back.

NOTE: Many of these gifts are available at Amazon.com. An Amazon Prime membership will get you free 2-day shipping, plus unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and free eBooks. Our Prime membership saves us tons of money all year, but particularly during the holidays when we do more online shopping. Plus, 2-day shipping is awesome and convenient. Get a FREE 30-day Amazon Prime trial now!

Deeply-Discounted Experiences: $5-200

Instead of sweating over a physical gift, give the gift of experience — at a steep discount. Give a night out at a restaurant, sports or concert tickets, an art class, car detailing service or one of a million other options. Sites like Groupon and Living Social are famous for deals of up to 75% off on local businesses. Save a ton of money and give a gift they will never forget — sans packaging and wasteful materials. (aff)


Herban Cowboy Personal Care: $5-20

He’s a man, but he still loves to look and smell great — and you probably love it when he does. Give him some personal care goodies from Herban Cowboy. They use vegan and organic ingredients whenever possible, and all their packaging is recyclable. Plus, he might get a kick out of the story behind the company. They first started mixing concoctions in their kitchen, and now they’re sold in stores all over the world.

Eco Touch Car Care Products: $10-60

You know the guy. He spends the better part of every weekend in the garage or driveway working on his car, cleaning and shining it until he can see his reflection. Help him clean greener with Eco Touch waterless car care products, which also happen to be non-toxic, biodegradable and phosphate-free. You can also get him a coupon for a 24/7 towing service at https://towingless.com/ for emergency situations. (aff)

American Apparel Recycled Yarn Boot Socks: $14

For several years, my hubby requested socks for Christmas. I thought he was joking, until he kept complaining when he didn’t receive them. Lesson learned. If the man on your list wants sock for Christmas, give him socks. These boot socks from American Apparel are made of recycled yarn. If he complains, just turn them into sock monkeys.

GameFly Video Game Rentals: $16-23/month

Let’s face it: A lot of grown men still like to play video games, and there’s nothing green about them. It is also a great gift for teen boys. Enter GameFly, which is like NetFlix for video games. For a monthly fee, he’ll be able to choose 1-2 video games at a time to play to his heart’s content and return once finished. Why is it green? You’ll cut back the waste and overconsumption inherent in buying video games, and you’re reducing demand for new products. (aff)

PACT organic cotton underwear: $16-30

These are NOT your father’s underwear. They are bold, graphic and anything but boring. The men’s undies are available in a variety of styles, including boxers, trunks and boxer briefs, and each pair is inspired by a social or environmental cause. They are made of organic cotton, shipped in a compostable envelope, and 10% of every sale goes to Pact’s non-profit partners. And maybe this is TMI, but I LOVE these on my husband 🙂 (aff)

House of Marley eco-friendly Earbuds & Headphones: $17-200

These are the perfect choice for the music lover on your list. He’ll love these studio-quality earbuds and headphones for their performance, but they are also made from a variety of eco-friendly materials, including FSC-certified wood and recycled, recyclable plastic and aluminum. They are packaged in recycled cardboard, and the headphones come in an organic cotton reusable bag. FYI, I gave my husband a pair of these for his birthday, and they were a hit! (aff)

Livity Outernational Fedoras: $24-45

There is nothing quite like a fedora to make a man look well put together. Livity Outernational has put a sustainable spin on an old classic, making their hats from renewable materials like organic cotton, hemp, raffia and even recycled plastic bottles. Plus, they’re available in some great colors and patterns, so he can really show his personality. (aff)


Recycled Steel Cocktail Shaker: $25

If he likes his drinks the same way his favorite spy does — shaken, not stirred — he’ll love having a cocktail shaker of his own. This one just happens to be made of recycled stainless steel in an environmentally friendly production process. Pair it with some organic vodka for a really special gift. Click to find out more.

Differently Clothing organic t-shirts: $25.99-28.99

Green living doesn’t have to come with dowdy clothes. Give them one of these tees and show them you can live green AND still look fly! The Eat Local and natural hair themed t-shirts are especially popular. Live Differently. Dress Differently. Disclosure: This is the t-shirt company I started with my husband. (aff)

Timberland Earthkeepers Men’s Collection: $28-375

Even if he’s not the rugged type, he’ll love the Timberland’s Earthkeepers collection. You’ll find stylish, but masculine, shoes, clothing, outerwear, and accessories. Plus, they’re all made with materials like organic cotton; recycled rubber, plastic bottles and nylon; and leather from a silver-rated tannery. (aff) You can also give him a winter jacket if it’s the winter holiday season. Check out the Canada Goose collection at Altitude Blog.

Recycled Wood Tie: $36-42

Admit it. You were thinking of giving him a tie. Lame gift, in general, but this one is sure to impress. These ties are handmade in San Francisco from redwood beams, reclaimed from salvage yards in the SF area. And yes, he can really wear it. It’s perfect for the guy with a sense of humor. (aff)

Bamboo Grilling Tool Set: $39.99

You know that guy on your list who becomes a grill master as soon as the weather turns slightly warm? Well, you may never be able to get him to give up the charcoal, but you can help him do his grilling a little greener. Give him these bamboo and stainless steel barbecue tools by Rachael Ray, then step back and let him get to work. (aff)

Solar Powered Backpack: $60-350

Your modern guy probably has several gadgets running at any given time. Cell phone, MP3 player, tablet, e-Book Reader, laptop…you get the idea. Help him stay charged with a solar powered backpack. They vary in price and charging power, but he’ll no longer be able to say he didn’t call because his cell phone was dead 🙂 (aff)


Sodastream Soda Maker: $80-180

You know this person. He knows that soda isn’t the best thing for him, but he can’t help but drink at least one a day. If his habit is really serious, it’s more like three to four a day. Help him make his soda habit a bit healthier by giving him a way to make his own in any flavors she likes, starting with nothing but water and without the waste of individual bottles and cans. (aff)

TOMS Sunglasses: $88-179

TOMS shoes and their One for One initiative are legendary. They’ve now expanded to add a line of stylish sunglasses. While the shades are not sustainable in and of themselves, the concept behind them is one of social responsibility. For every pair sold, TOMS will help give the gift of sight to a person who needs it, via medical treatment, prescription eyeglasses or sight-saving surgery.

WeWood Eco-Friendly Watches: $95-140

As the name would imply, these hypo-allergenic watches are made entirely of wood, with the exception of the Miyota movement. And for every watch they sell, WeWood works in partnership with American Forests to plant a tree. And while not all of the watches are made of FSC-certified wood, some of the wood they use is reclaimed from manufacturing waste. And you can bet he’s never seen a watch quite like this. (aff)

New Balance newSKY MW01: $99

These aren’t high-performance running shoes, but if he’s a runner, he’ll appreciate the slick, minimal styling of the New Balance 01 newSKY shoe. Plus, the upper is made of 95% recycled P.E.T. Every pair incorporates an average of 8 PET plastic bottles, so she can look good and do good for the planet at the same time. Available in three colors. (aff)

Silva Limited Bamboo Macbook & iPad Cases: $130-315

Macbooks and iPads are expensive. In my opinion, they’re also worth the money, but he’ll still want to keep his in a sturdy, protective case. These custom bamboo cases from Silva hand-assembled from bamboo and lined with wool felt, and it’s available for a iPad 2 or 3, or a 13″ or 15″ computer. If he has a habit of dropping his gadgets, he’ll be incredibly thankful for this gift.

Veja Fair Trade Shoes: $137-149

Even if he’ll never admit it, there’s at least one man on your list who loves shoes. These beauties from French manufacturer Veja will satisfy his need for uncommon style, and they’ll satisfy your need for sustainably-made shoes. Veja shoes are Fair Trade and made with materials like organic cotton, chrome-free tanned suede and natural rubber harvested by a co-op in the Amazon. (aff)


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