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Stocking Stuffers

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There are gifts for every budget, listed in increasing order by price. The list will be updated as I find more unique, thoughtful gifts, so please check back.

NOTE: Many of these gifts are available at Amazon.com. An Amazon Prime membership will get you free 2-day shipping, plus unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and free eBooks. Our Prime membership saves us tons of money all year, but particularly during the holidays when we do more online shopping. Plus, 2-day shipping is awesome and convenient. Get a FREE 30-day Amazon Prime trial now!

Theo Organic Chocolate Bars: $3-5/ea.

Nothing says “you’re special” quite like chocolate. Organic, Fair Trade chocolate from Theo says “you’re really, really special.” Simply put, Theo believes in making pure, organic sweets and paying their workers and farmers fair wages. I know I’d be happy to open my stocking and find one or two of these. (aff)

Bicycle Eco Edition Playing Cards: $4.26

Most families go through a couple of decks of playing cards per year. Make game night greener with these eco-friendly playing cards from Bicycle. The Eco Edition cards and case are fully recyclable and made from sustainably-sourced paper, starch-based laminating and vegetable-based inks. (aff)

Recycled Paper Pencils: $5.25-11/set

If you’ve got kids on your list, you know how quickly they go through pencils. These handmade, recycled paper beauties are just nice enough to keep track of at all times. Write with Moxie makes the pencils with rolled layers of 100% recycled colored paper, so as you sharpen, the color changes around the lead.

EcoTools Makeup Tools: $6-25

Help her replace those outdated, potentially toxic plastic tools with something more sustainable. These makeup brushes and tools are made of renewable, naturally antimicrobial bamboo. NOTE: Available at Walmart, Target, Walgreens and other retailers, if you’d like to shop in person. (aff)

ImagiPLAY Eco YoYo: $7.49

This is an eco-friendly version of a timeless toy that has been around seemingly forever. ImagiPLAY designed this wooden version with an orange tiger on one side and a white tiger on the other. The kids will love finding this in their stocking on Christmas morning! (aff)

Rechargeable batteries & charger: $10-26

Who doesn’t need batteries on Christmas morning? Even if they don’t need them right then, think of these batteries and charger as the gift that keeps on giving. You’ll help them eliminate toxic waste and they’ll love you for it. Plus, you can get these at almost any grocery or convenience store or pharmacy these days. (aff)

Weleda Body Oil Essentials Kit: $13.49

These fragrant oil mixes from Weleda each are designed for a specific purpose: relaxation, massage, etc. What I love, though, is the fact that this gift is a multitasker. Because each oil comes in its own box, if you have several stockings to fill, you can put one oil in each stocking. (aff)

To-Go Ware Bamboo Utensils: $20

Who among us doesn’t occasionally stop for some take-out? Well, even if you to stop the wasteful habit altogether, you can at least cut back some of that waste. Give a set of To-Go Ware reusable bamboo eating utensils so they can turn down the plastic fork and spoon next time they’re at the drive thru. (aff)

Kill a Watt EZ: $27.99

At first glance, this might seem like an impersonal gift, but trust me when I say they’ll thank you later. The Kill a Watt EZ Electricity Usage Monitor will assess how efficient gadgets and appliances really are, allowing owners to save money by reducing power consumption. It’s nothing if not practical. (aff)

Zaum Organic Coin Purse: $35

These handmade coin purses by Zaum are a little on the pricey side, but the woman or girl on your list will really appreciate it the next time she’s digging around in her handbag for loose change. They’re beautifully made of Mod Green Pod’s gorgeous, high-quality organic fabrics and they’re big enough for coins, bills and credit cards.


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