What Type of Flooring Should You Get? Thumbnail

Whether your house is under construction or undergoing a major renovation, the type of flooring you choose can be one of the bigger points to consider. In addition to the fact that it will significantly affect the overall look of your home’s interior, it also will be subjected to daily shifts in weight from constant [...]

Why Bidets Can Actually Be Eco-Friendly Thumbnail

Many of us think of bidets as the weird mini-toilets beside full-size toilets in hotels or fancy homes. Others think of them as a helpful tool that does a great better job of cleaning us than toilet paper ever could. But aside from the ways we avoid talking about them, bidets have their own history [...]

Eco-Friendly Options to Banish Weeds Thumbnail

One of the biggest banes of every gardener’s existence is the number of weeds that pop up and seem to multiply — on the lawn, in the garden and elsewhere. This is a particularly challenging problem when you are trying to live a more sustainable life, so you can’t just shower your garden with toxic [...]

4 Things You Can Do To Help Lower Your Electricity Bills This Summer Thumbnail

Summer is here, which means trips to the beach, days at the pool, and fun summer nights. But it also means that the utility bills are likely to increase. Air conditioning units are fantastic but also require a lot of electricity. Those who run their A/C unit continuously are likely to see a jump in [...]

How Environmentally Responsible Is Bamboo Fabric? Thumbnail

The days when people thought very little (if at all) about the impact their personal choices had on the environment are long over with. These days, eco-friendliness and sustainability are major concerns for businesses and consumers alike. This is even the case when it comes to fashion choices, such as which fabrics should be used [...]