4 Ways You Can Actually Help Our Planet Thumbnail

We only have one planet. And, unfortunately, we’re not treating it well. Environmental problems are all around us. We’re heating up the globe, polluting our air and water, killing our ocean life, and potentially causing a global extinction event. All of this is terrifying and frustrating. But we are not powerless. There are things that [...]

Plan Now to Save Your Gutters in the Fall Thumbnail

Fall can make your garden enchanting with red, brown and golden tones. But the bane of every homeowner’s existence during fall is leaves and sticks clogging your gutters. They are the worst kind of nuisance because the twigs and leaves can actually damage your home if left unchecked. If you already have stick and leaves [...]

10 Easy Ways Make Your Home More Beautiful Thumbnail

Decorating my home comes relatively easily for me. I see a room, and I’m able to imagine color palettes, fabrics, furniture choices and all the details that will make that room feel like a million dollars. But most people aren’t this way. Lots of folks get stuck on all those details, unsure of where to [...]

What Type of Flooring Should You Get? Thumbnail

Whether your house is under construction or undergoing a major renovation, the type of flooring you choose can be one of the bigger points to consider. In addition to the fact that it will significantly affect the overall look of your home’s interior, it also will be subjected to daily shifts in weight from constant [...]

Why Bidets Can Actually Be Eco-Friendly Thumbnail

Many of us think of bidets as the weird mini-toilets beside full-size toilets in hotels or fancy homes. Others think of them as a helpful tool that does a great better job of cleaning us than toilet paper ever could. But aside from the ways we avoid talking about them, bidets have their own history [...]