Eco-Friendly Outside & In: Box Sectional by EKLA HOME

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Box Sectional by EKLA HOME

It warms my heart to find companies with a conscience, particularly independent ones. For companies just starting out, I know it can be tempting to go with the cheapest materials and follow only the most lenient standards, and many companies do just that. That makes the ones who take the time to create quality, safer products stand out from the crowd even more.

EKLA HOME is one of those companies, and their Box Sectional is an example of sustainable design at its best. Designed in 3 separate pieces with an available ottoman, this sectional takes green to new heights, with every single part of its construction done with concern not only for the environment, but for the craftsmen charged with creating it. This comes at a price, to be sure, but I believe it is well worth the cost. Because it is sold in separate pieces, you can buy only the pieces you want or can afford and use them to create your own unique seating arrangement.

My infatuation doesn’t end at the construction. The clean, boxy design is the stuff of my modern dreams. We have always dreamed of having a living room large enough to fit a U-shaped sectional. We all love to lay on the sofa watching movies and having family time, so having one that is large enough for all of us to lay on comfortably would be ideal. Even though that dream living room is still a bit out of reach, I know what sectional we’ll be using to furnish it.

Why It’s Green:

  • Upholstery fabric is 100% organic cotton
  • A wide variety of green upholstery fabrics are available, incuding organic cotton, hemp, organic wool and eco-friendly blends
  • Constructed of natural rubber, 100% organic, U.S.-grown and milled wool and a 100% organic cotton barrier cloth
  • Frame and legs made of FSC-certified alder wood
  • Built with recycled steel springs and finished with Safecoat no-VOC stain

Price: $1950-2190 per section

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  • Renée aka Mekhismom October 22, 2008, 10:07 am

    That is beautiful! I know this may sound like a weird question but is there a way for leather furniture to be green? Having a one year old leather is the best solution for all the spills. Doing it in a green way would be great.

  • jennae October 22, 2008, 10:25 am

    @Renee I’m iffy on leather of any type (just because I don’t think a cow should die to decorate my living room 🙂 ), but if you want to go that route, I’d say try finding used or vintage leather furniture instead of buying new. You could also try to find a manufacturer that uses recycled leather or leather remnants. They are pretty easy to come by in the fashion world for purses and shoes, but I’m honestly not sure how many furniture manufacturers use recycled leather. It’s worth asking though.

  • Kimber December 17, 2016, 9:00 pm

    I too would like it in leather. Leather is great for wiping up spills. Plus it looks better.

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