Whimsy by the Meter: Swirl Fabric by Hollabee

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Organic Cotton Hemp Blend Swirl Fabric by Hollabee

A little while back, I found a great, simple tutorial on making fabric wall art. Ever the aspiring crafter (who has yet to actually make anything), I’ve been keeping my eye out for a great piece of fabric that I won’t mind having on the walls for a while. While I’m at it, I may go hunting for a thrift-store chair to reupholster in the same fabric or recover a couple of throw pillows, so it has to be something I really like — and it has to be sustainable.

I have two words: Etsy and Australia. There seems to be lots of handmade, eco-friendly fabrics coming out of Australia, and I can’t complain. This beautiful Swirl fabric by etsy seller hollabee is right up my alley, and it comes in a variety of colors.  The sizes are metric, and the fabric is sold in half-meter quantities. So if you want to buy a yard of fabric, purchase 2 half-meter units.

1 meter= 1.0936133 yards

$20/yard is very reasonable for an organic cotton/hemp blend fabric, and hollabee says it is appropriate for housewares and even kids’ bedding. But…and there’s always a but…if you are in the U.S., you have to consider the environmental impact of shipping from Australia. I’ll let you weigh that one on your own.

Why It’s Green:

  • Made of a blend of organic cotton & hemp
  • Hand-screenprinted
  • Printed with environmentally friendly, solvent free inks

Price: $10/half-meter (about half a yard)

Would you buy sustainable fabric from a seller in Australia or overseas in general? What factors did you consider in your decision? Leave a comment and tell us!

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  • Renée aka Mekhismom October 30, 2008, 3:29 pm

    It looks lovely and perfect for curtains over my french doors. But I think I will need considerably more than five yards and I am on a tight budget. Beautiful.

    Renée aka Mekhismoms last blog post..Word(less)Ful Wednesday

  • MyBrownBaby October 30, 2008, 7:06 pm

    Veeery pretty! I would totally make some pillows for my daughter’s room with this. Re: flying the fabric in from Australia: You’re right–it’s not very eco-friendly. Seems like we can find other fabric just as pretty here that won’t leave such a large carbon imprint. But a girl can imagine, can’t she?!

    MyBrownBabys last blog post..I’ll Always Love My Mama

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