Take the pLEDge and Switch to LED Bulbs

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by GE Lighting. As usual, all opinions are accurate and fully my own.

I may or may not be that mom. You know what I mean. The one who walks into rooms to turn the lights off and open the windows during the daytime, and constantly reminds everyone to turn off the lights when they walk out of a room.

As a person who is pretty environmentally conscious, I do this to conserve energy. Using artificial lighting when we don’t need it is just a waste. But additionally, being conscious about how we use the lighting in our home helps save us some money as well. On average, lighting accounts for 10% of a household energy bill. So reducing your usage will, in turn, reduce your costs.

Of course, there are a couple of ways to approach this reduction. You can do what we do, and use lights only when you really need them. But another way to greatly reduce your energy usage and the costs associated with it is to switch to LED light bulbs. Not only do they use 70-90% less than traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting, but they also last 10-25 times longer. Seriously.

Check out this infographic from GE on all the ways LEDs can improve your energy and cost savings.

GE offers LED bulbs in a variety of sizes and styles for just about every type of fixture. They sent my family a variety of bulbs so we could make the switch throughout our house.

We started in the office with a bright white bulb to light our calendars and clarity when I’m making crafts. Despite the fact that the table is not far from a double window, it will be helpful to have nice, bright task lighting for when I’m doing detail work.

You may have noticed that this bulb is really bright. That is great for the office, but won’t work if every situation. If you need lighting that is a bit warmer, GE Lighting offers that too.

I installed a warmer colored bulb in my toddler’s room to use when she’s winding down to get ready for bed time.

The warmer, brown/orange tone is enough to brighten up the room at night without overstimulating my little one.

And for the upstairs hall between all our bedrooms, which has no natural light at all, we installed a bright white dimmable bulb.

And we’ll take a look throughout the rest of the house to find fixtures that could use LEDs.

The great news is that you can do the same. Take the GE Lighting pLEDGE — a promise to do your part in reducing energy consumption and protecting the environment, in part by switching at least one light bulb to an LED bulb. You’ll also get a coupon for $1 off any GE Lighting LED product. You can also enter to win a $500 LED lighting makeover.

GE Lighting aims to make it easier for all of us to do our part. Take the pLEDGE today.

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