Ways to Maintain an Eco-Friendly Home

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As the summer temperatures rise to scorching degrees and the winter temperatures become warmer as the years persist, it’s clear that global warming is a very real issue. As a result, it’s important for each person to do their part to help save the planet. If not for its current residents, it’s important to make sure there’s a planet for the future residents to enjoy. Here are a few things you can do at home to help save your part of the planet.

1. Change your energy sources.

If you can afford solar panels, solar power is an ideal energy source. The sun is incredibly powerful and it is well within reach to run an entire home on solar-powered energy alone. If you’re unable to afford that type of investment at the moment, consider using solar-powered energy in increments. For example, if you line your driveway at night with lights, avoid electric lights. Since the driveway and walkway lights are outside, choose options that harness their energy from the sun. It’s a small way to save money and decrease your carbon footprint. Over time, you can save to invest in solar-powered energy in larger and more beneficial ways. Working with a quality business in the property domain can help you better fulfill your needs. Click here to learn what you should look for.

2. Consider home renovations.

Almost invariably, staying in your current home is a greener option than buying a new house. You can make your current home greener with smart renovations. When most people think of an eco-friendly environment, sleek designs come to mind. Instead of choosing hardwood flooring made from newly chopped trees, many people are choosing more sustainable options like bamboo flooring or panels made of reclaimed wood or even cork, all of which are beautiful, relatively easy to maintain and more eco-friendly than the more traditional hardwood options. Do some online research to find out what other homeowners with a penchant for green design are choosing for their homes. If you’re considering a kitchen remodeling project, take a look at kitchen renovations Calgary and see what others have done. You might be able to draw inspiration from their projects and get a better understanding of your desired result. And once you sit down with the professionals, they can show you how they can do a remodel that’ll reduce your carbon footprint in the long run.

3. Get an energy audit.

It’s wise to get an energy audit for your home because it will help you find ways to reduce your carbon footprint, but it will also save you money in the long run. During an energy audit, the auditor will look at patterns in your energy bills and check to see where there might be energy leaks — drafty windows, for example. Paying attention to these issues will help you avoid throwing away energy or money due to oversight of a leaky pipe or unsealed window. I got double glass for all the doors and windows and had glazing for windows in Perth do all the work.

4. Unplug unused devices.

Even though this step might seem a bit arduous, get into the habit of unplugging items from the wall once you’re finished with them. When cords are still plugged into the wall, they continue to pull energy long after you’ve turned them off. To make things a lot easier, start gathering and plug all of the electrical cords into one electrical adapter — preferably a smart surge protector. The latter will allow you to plug one device into the “master” port — a TV or computer, for example. When you turn off that device, it will also cut off power to all your peripherals, like game consoles, DVD players or speakers. Even if you have a standard adapter, once you’re finished the connected devices, unplug the adapter from the wall, or just unplug the device directly. Studies prove this one step can shave off a sizable amount of money from your electric bill every year.

Some of these tips are major undertakings. Others are a lot simpler. If it seems daunting to you, start with the smaller projects first and work your way up. Before long, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of green living at home.

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