Exploring Ways To Become An Eco-Friendly Car Owner

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It’s no secret that owning a car comes with many legal and financial obligations. However, there are also a number of eco-friendly efforts that all car owners should take it upon themselves to strive for. Here are just a few ways to make your car as eco-friendly as possible.

Consider Fuel Economy

This is one method that many car owners are most familiar with. The fact is, even if your car isn’t great on gas, you can drive in ways that limit its fuel consumption. For example, most cars are equipped with a cruise control feature, which reduces fuel consumption when activated. Reducing air conditioning usage is also a viable energy-efficiency method. As for speeding and aggressive driving, however, there’s a very specific formula you can use to make sure you drive at optimum ‘green’ speeds. If you´re looking for some new economic cars, you can Click here to see these options.

“Most cars lose fuel efficiency over 50 miles per hour (MPH) at a rate of about $0.24 per gallon for every five mph over 50. Aggressive driving (speeding, rapid acceleration and braking) can also reduce gas mileage – as much as 33% on the highway and 5% on city streets,” explains CarCare.

Keeping your car’s speed and overall energy consumption in mind is one of the most effective ways to prioritize eco-friendliness.

Buy With The Earth In Mind

If you’re in the market for a new or used vehicle, there are a number of eco-friendly considerations to make if you want to make a long-term investment in sustainability. Around 1990, car manufacturers began to install mass backing as the standard backing, but there are countless non-slip floor mats and other types of auto upholstery made with eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Similarly, even though the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration classifies a car’s windshield as one of the primary components of a vehicle’s safety restraint system, it can let in significant amounts of heat when in the sun for even a few minutes. Investing in a shade for your windshield allows your entire car to cool down faster after being left in a parking lot for an extended period of time. Some materials are weak and known to disintegrate when exposed to prolonged sunlight, but making a one-time investment in a windshield shade made of sturdy materials can result in significantly reduced use of air conditioning and fuel consumption.

Ultimately, keeping these eco-friendly habits in mind when performing maintenance on your car or investing in new products can help you minimize your carbon footprint and make an investment into an eco-friendly future. Don’t be afraid to talk to your local mechanic for more ways to make your car as ‘green’ as possible.

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