Wee Wild Kingdom: Animal Silhouette Art by Tiny Decor

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tinydecor-animals1I take so much pride in promoting the work of another blogger…another mom. But even if Jackie Hernandez of Tiny Decor weren’t my bloggy buddy, her efforts to make and sell nothing but beautiful, eco-friendly, handmade products still would have gotten my attention. I have featured her work before, including a Green Room in a Box using products only from her store. But her new artwork is definitely worthy of attention. I bookmarked it a while ago, and I’m glad I found it again.

tinydecor-animals2These cute animal silhouettes are all hand-printed on organic cotton and shipped ready to hang. I personally want to get all three in a couple of different colors to create a mini gallery (like the one shown above) in my daughter’s room. I’ve said before that I love animal motifs for kids’ rooms because they are unisex and will grow with a child. This elephant, giraffe and lion in funky prints and colors are definitely sophisticated enough to last into the preteen years, and perhaps beyond. And isn’t the whole point of sustainability buying products that will be around for a long time?

Why It’s Green:

  • Handmade in the U.S.
  • Printed on 100% organic cotton

Price: $48/ea.

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