Wow! New Delight Wallpaper from Mod Green Pod

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I’ve been wanting to cover something — anything really — in wallpaper for quite some time, but I’ve been too chicken to try it, afraid I’ll make a mess of everything. But there’s always something that puts a light under your butt to make you face your fears. In this case, that catalyst is the new Delight Wallpaper from Mod Green Pod. To be honest, I love all their wallpapers, but this new design is just ME.  It feels like exactly the type of pattern I’d spend months hunting for to complete a room. It comes in three fabulous color combos, shown in order above: water/peppercorn, butter/coffee and caramel/licorice.

And since vinyl is not welcome in my home, I’m ecstatic that all their wallpapers are hand-printed on FSC-certified paper. Seriously, I think I’ll start small with my adventures in wallpapering — like maybe on the drawers of an old dresser that needs refinishing, or for the top of a table that needs some TLC. The paper is too beautiful to put inside dresser drawers, but that would be a great use for it too.

I’m a repeat fabric customer with MGP, and something tells me I’ll be placing another order pretty soon. Now to find a coupon code…

Why It’s Green:

  • Printed on FSC-certified paper (unlike most wallpapers that are printed on toxic vinyl)
  • Printed by hand with water based inks and finished with a water-based glaze

Price: $75/roll

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  • deana - gwg March 5, 2010, 5:27 pm

    SOOOOOOOO great! But honestly, I wouldn\’t expect anything less from those talented gals at Mod Green Pod. …Now, which of my rooms needs wallpaper!?!

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