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A Vision in Blue: Indigo Collection from Zen Deluxe

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Dark blue has been on my “must have” list lately. Although I’d originally planned to find something to paint, I may have to reconsider. The Organic Indigo Collection from Zen Deluxe is like something from a green dream. Finding gorgeous, eco-friendly linens in indigo isn’t impossible, but it’s definitely a challenge. This collection single-handedly changed that.


Each piece is available separately, so you can go subtle with a pillow cover, rug or lamp shade, or combine several of these elements for a look that is both cohesive and eclectic, as seen in the first photo. Personally, I think having all of them in one space would be overkill, but the ability to mix and match to your desired saturation is awesome.

Available pieces: Duvet cover (king, queen or twin), 4 different pillowcase styles, rug (small or large), accent pillow cover, kimono robe, curtain panels, beehive lamp shade, and Euro pillow cover.

Why It’s Green:

  • All textiles made of organic cotton
  • Dyed with natural Indigo
  • Fair Trade

Price: $22-272

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