Recyled & Ready to Hang: Ultimate Hammock

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Ultimate Hammock from Gaiam

In the spirit of summertime living and making our outdoor spaces as beautiful and comfortable as indoors, I began hunting for eco-friendly swing hammocks. I also had a selfish reason for this, because I wanted to get my hubby a hammock for Father’s Day.  Being the woman I am, if I was going to buy one new, it had to be green.

I considered organic cotton, I thought about leaving it outdoors for an extended time and the moisture, elements and rain it would be susceptible to. Wet fabric leads to mold, so I had to scratch that off the list. Next up: hemp. I like hemp as much as the next guy, but it just wasn’t what I was looking for.

Little did I know I’d find this little eco-friendly gem from Gaiam. The “Ultimate Hammock” as it is so appropriately called is made of recycled soda bottles. This is great for me for 2 reasons. The obvious reason: it’s green. But secondly, it is waterproof and should stand up to the elements well. This last one is key since if I know my husband, he’ll get a WHOLE lot of use out of it. The spreader bars at the ends are made of white-oak and finished with natural linseed oil.

Since it’s a customer favorite at Gaiam, I’ll take that as a sign that others have bought it, loved it and recommended it. This just may be one of my summer favorites too — there’s more than enough room for me to cuddle up next to the hubby.

Why It’s Green:

  • Fibers made of recycled soda bottles
  • Ends finished with natural linseed oil

Price: $189icon (aff)

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