From Their Hands to Yours: Rwanda Baskets from Macy’s

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Fair Trade Rwanda Baskets from Macy\'s

Fair Trade Rwanda Baskets from Macy\'s

I am once again here to tout the benefits of buying products that are not only eco-friendly, but also Fair Trade. The Rwanda Path to Peace Collection from Macy’s includes gorgeous baskets that are handwoven by Rwandan women, providing them with a source of sustainable income.

That means these baskets are not only beautiful — they support a cause you can feel good about that carries a meaning much deeper than the beauty of the product. For many of these women and their children and villages, the sale of their baskets means clean water, more nutritious food, better access to HIV/AIDS medications and collaboration between members of the Hutu and Tutsi tribes, the two groups at odds during the 1994 genocide that left nearly 1 million Rwandan citizens dead. If that’s not a cause worthy of your money, I don’t know what is.

The baskets are available in several styles and colors, each equally beautiful. Each basket includes a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Why It’s Green:

  • Made of 100% natural raffia palm thread with organic dye
  • Hand-woven in Rwanda using traditional coil sewing techniques
  • Plant-based fibers with natural preservatives mean no chemical processing is required
  • Supports Fair Trade

Price: $35-120

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  • John C. June 24, 2008, 12:53 pm

    Thank you for sharing with me these eco-friendly home decor items. I am going to try them out.

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