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Drunk on the Sound of Music: Pure Malt Speakers from Pioneer Thumbnail

Putting together the eco-friendly man cave for the Green Rooms in a Box series the other day reminded me of two things: How much I love my husband, because I really want to give him a room like that when we have our own home, and How integral our electronic toys are in our everyday [...]

I have a secret. I hate vacuuming. It is easily one of my least-favorite chores, second only to cleaning the bathroom. I do both, of course, because they need to be done, but I rarely go about it happily. I hate lugging a heavy vacuum around from room to room hoping that the cord will [...]

One of the things I’ve been looking to focus on more here at Green Your Decor is technology. Gone are the days when interior designers could create a room completely devoid of TVs or computers of any kind. They are an integral part of our lives and often, an integral part of our decor. So [...]

There are reasons all of us greenies want everyone to take care about the products they are bringing in to their homes. Reasons that will make sense to even those people who are against the whole idea of “going green.”  Yes, we want to have the least impact on the Earth as possible. But we [...]

I’ll say upfront that I know this product isn’t practical, or even necessary. But how cool would it be to have this on display in your living room?! This fully functional radio will let you listen to the sounds of nature. Well…not really. But because of its sustainable construction, you’ll be able to feel like [...]