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We’ve Finally Finished Our Eco-Friendly Shared Nursery Thumbnail

So, my baby girl is 11 weeks old today. That means this post has been at least 12 weeks coming. I really wanted to share it before she was born, but since she surprised me and came 3 weeks early, the nursery wasn’t quite done. And since she’s been sleeping in her co-sleeper in the [...]

Before & After: Our Dining Room is My New Favorite Room Thumbnail

I love blue. Really. It is officially my favorite among all the wall colors we’ve ever used. In turn, our finished dining room is my new favorite room. That could be because we haven’t really finished any other spaces in this apartment, but I think it’s because it really just turned out great. And I [...]

Friday Room Reveal: Eco Nursery for Three by Marsh & Clark Thumbnail

It seems like a lot of the eco-friendly rooms I receive or come across are nurseries, and that’s no surprise. It stands to reason that if you were going to make any room in your home greener, it would be the one where your precious babies will be living and sleeping, and let me tell [...]

The Big Reveal: A Special, Eco-Friendly Bedroom for Ja’Naya! Thumbnail

This room has been about two months in the making, starting with a Green Room in a Box planning the space, but it’s finally done! Before I show you the completed room, here’s Miss Ja’Naya, enjoying her new reading corner: As Niecy from Clean House would say, can you stand to see more? Be warned…there [...]

Before and After: My Master Bedroom…Finally Thumbnail

Green Your Decor is probably one of the few interior design blogs where you’d be hard pressed to find photos of my home. There are a couple of reasons for that — the biggest of which being that we have moved so many times since I started this blog that I have never gotten a [...]