Green Christmas

Have a Baby? Put a DIY Christmas Tree on the Wall Thumbnail

Baby Juliza has reached a destructive mobile phase. That gave me great pause when the time came to put up a Christmas tree. Understand that I love decorating the Christmas tree. It's probably my favorite part of the holidays, especially because we opt for a real tree every year. We take great pains in picking out [...]

Real Christmas Tree or Fake? Why We Say Real is Greener Thumbnail

It's the Christmas debate to end all debates among anyone who is green leaning: Should you opt for a real Christmas tree or a fake one? When Walmart challenged me to share a unique Christmas story, I thought this was a great time to discuss this. Logic might dictate that cutting down a tree is [...]

Paint DIY Christmas Decor to Match Your Color Scheme Thumbnail

Each year, my family chooses a new color scheme for our Christmas decor. A few years ago, the main color was orange, then turquoise, then purple. As you can tell, our choices tend to skew non-traditional. Some years, this makes it difficult to find ornaments and other decorations to match our color choice. This year, [...]

Five Awesomely Uncommon Green Home Gifts Thumbnail

It's that time of year again. We're all making our lists and checking them twice. Or if you're like me, three or four times after I check my budget. We're finding gifts for the special people on our list, and hopefully, paying some attention to where and how they are made. Uncommon Goods has long [...]

Create a Fancy Floral Arrangement Thumbnail

You know those beautiful floral arrangements you see in model homes and high-end stores? Well, the closest I'd ever come to making one of them was trimming the stems on some monochromatic mums and placing them in a vase on my table. Pretty? Yes. Impressive? I think not. So when Walmart gave me a chance [...]