August 2008

You’ve still got two days left to catch all the Labor Day sales. And remember, don’t go shopping just because you feel like it, because consumerism isn’t green. Buy if you need to replace something, and make your dollars speak for you by choosing more sustainable products. Trust me when I tell you that manufacturers [...]

Green Your Decor has been nominated for Divine Caroline’s “Love This Site” awards, and I could use the votes of my faithful readers to make it to the top of a very competetive category: Home & Food.  I’m competing with the likes of blogs like Blissfully Domestic (which I coincidentally just became a contributor for) [...]

My very first entertainment center was a piece of junk. It was one of those cheap (my bad…inexpensive) pieces from Wal-Mart that had to be put together. It was made of a very lightweight MDF, and lets just say it didn’t last very long. The next was a behemoth from Best Buy that my husband [...]

I remember watching an episode of the Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs” when host Mike Rowe worked with a company that does tire recovery. They went out to a forest with beautiful scenery along the way. Then all of a sudden in a clearing, tens of thousands of illegally discarded tires. Stacks of them for as [...]

There are reasons all of us greenies want everyone to take care about the products they are bringing in to their homes. Reasons that will make sense to even those people who are against the whole idea of “going green.”  Yes, we want to have the least impact on the Earth as possible. But we [...]