October 2008

When you’re a home decor fanatic like I am, you learn to recognize luxury when you see it. Sometimes, you don’t have to feel a product in your own hands to know that it will be soft, supple and indulgent. Yumi & Laurie’s blanQuettes™ fall into that category. I featured the St. Moritz blanQuette™ a [...]

My daughter loves stuffed animals. Seriously, she has in excess of 20 plush friends of all species — dogs, cats, rabbits, bears, dinosaurs, and even a beluga whale. That last one was a memento from a trip to the Georgia Aquarium a few years back when she became fascinated by the giant, gentle creatures. She’s [...]

Image courtesy of ObamaCycle I guess I could have called this the Happy Halloween edition, but my family doesn’t celebrate Halloween, and I think the election is just a tad more important. Thus, the name :)  Here’s some election and voter information, along with some great green reads, giveaways and sales for your weekend: Vote [...]

A little while back, I found a great, simple tutorial on making fabric wall art. Ever the aspiring crafter (who has yet to actually make anything), I’ve been keeping my eye out for a great piece of fabric that I won’t mind having on the walls for a while. While I’m at it, I may [...]

As much as I love my digital camera, its a sa fact that most of the photos I have taken over the last few years are destined to spend an eternity locked inside my computer or on flash drive somewhere. But wouldn’t be very green of me to print hundreds of photos I’ll probably never [...]