April 2009

Today’s Room: This Green Room in a Box is special to me. As one of Walmart’s ElevenMoms, I had an opportunity to purchase up to $600 worth of patio furniture and accessories to create an outdoor living space.  Of course, I wanted said furniture to be eco-friendly. Thankfully, and to my surprise, Walmart.com has a [...]

Easy Spring Makeover: Add Inexpensive, Colorful Vases & Flowers Thumbnail

Spring is a rough season for me. In addition to the annual spring cleaning (which is actually the easy part), I get the unshakable desire to change everything around me. I want to strip the beds and replace the linens with something fresh and lively and slap a new coat of paint on the walls. [...]

Disposable Dinnerware Review: Verterra vs. CVS Earth Essentials Thumbnail

In general, I am completely averse to any product that can be labeled “disposable.” Part of the reason our planet is in the condition it’s in is that so many people have a disposable mentality. We are socialized to believe that a product’s value is determined by its convenience, no matter how or where it [...]

Wee Wild Kingdom: Animal Silhouette Art by Tiny Decor Thumbnail

I take so much pride in promoting the work of another blogger…another mom. But even if Jackie Hernandez of Tiny Decor weren’t my bloggy buddy, her efforts to make and sell nothing but beautiful, eco-friendly, handmade products still would have gotten my attention. I have featured her work before, including a Green Room in a [...]

One thing I have learned about great home decor finds is that they typically come in pairs. A few days ago, I discovered and featured a beautiful reclaimed teak mirror from Pottery Barn. It got me thinking how I’d love to add a mirror to a sad, empty wall in our bedroom. Yesterday, without even [...]