May 2009

Green Steal of the Week: Cork Flooring Planks Thumbnail

I’m fully of the belief that great Flooring is imperative to any well-thought-out home design. Sure, it may never be the focal point of your room. But keep in mind that your choice of flooring is likely something you’ll have to live with for a long time to come. It is for this reason, and [...]

Take a Step in My Shoes: Bamboo & Tikis Organic Rug Review (+ Giveaway) Thumbnail

I’ve always loved the look and idea of a bamboo Rug Buyer’s Brand Guide, but I’ve always been cautious about whether it would be practical in an active home environment and whether it would be comfortable to walk on. I’m not talking about bamboo that has been chemically processed down to a soft, cushy fiber, [...]

A Sad Day for Sustainability: Michelle Kaufmann Closes Shop Thumbnail

The news has been reverberating throughout the green building and design community since yesterday, but it still hit me like a sledgehammer when I found out this morning. Michelle Kaufmann, known as the queen of green prefab architecture, has been forced to close up shop due to the crappy state of the economy.  I have [...]

Burst of Color: New Fuchsia Birdseye Bedding from Amenity Thumbnail

It seems that once I stumble upon some beautiful organic bedding, most recently by Rubie Green and Amy Butler, more designs start to come my way in an avalanche.  Thanks to my subscription to Amenity’s newsletter, I learned today that they have released their popular Birdseye organic cotton duvet cover in a new fuchsia colorway. [...]

Just Letterpress Me: Recycled Counting Posters by sweetbeets Thumbnail

In general, I try to make my life as paperless as possible, but I am a sucker for beautifully printed works. And deep down inside, I know I’d be happy to spend the rest of my days creating simple, hand-embossed posters on an ancient letterpress. This is a dream I am actively trying to pursue, [...]