July 2009

Green & Gorgeous Site Launches Monday & You’re Invited! Thumbnail

For the past few months, I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes on a new project, and finally on Monday, all that hard work will come to fruition. Green & Gorgeous, the sister blog to Green Your Decor, will debut with great eco-friendly content on a much broader range of issues than I am [...]

Going to Pieces: Puzzle Pieces Serving Board Thumbnail

Anyone who knows me knows that I like eye candy. I love being surrounded by beautiful things. When it comes to the home, many of those beautiful things are purely decorative. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but one of the challenges I have placed on myself is to find decorative objects that are [...]

Light, Dark and In Between: Oops Crib by Structured Green Thumbnail

Can’t decide between dark wood and light wood in your nursery? Thanks to the beautiful new Oops Crib by Structured Green, you no longer have to choose. The oops design features Structured Green’s signature “drop” detailing, a technique that uses strips of reclaimed wood in a wide range of tones and colors. Of course, all [...]

Green Steal of the Week: Hourglass Ottoman from Gaiam Thumbnail

One of the biggest challenges my family has run into in our quest toward a more sustainable lifestyle is living with less “stuff.” Sure, we’ve seriously cut back our purchasing and do a whole lot better at only buying what we need and trying to buy products that are used or green. But the issue [...]

Print Your Own Organic Fabrics with Spoonflower Thumbnail

As a graphic designer, I revel in customization. When I create designs for myself, with no client to answer to, I love being able to have the final result exactly as I envisioned it. As an interior designer, I often wish I had the means to customize my projects in the same way. Thanks to [...]