April 2011

Green Confession: We Finally Bought a Toaster Thumbnail

It’s been years since my husband and I last owned a toaster. In fact, I believe we’d only owned one: A cheap machine we bought in a set when we first got married. Needless to say, it didn’t last very long before burning out, and we never bothered to replace it. That’s not to say [...]

Dyson’s New DC35 Vacuum is an Efficient, Lightweight Powerhouse Thumbnail

One of the things I hate most about being a renter (as I’ve said many times before) is having to live with carpet. We do everything we can to minimize the amount of dirt and grime that makes its way through the house, taking off our shoes at the door. Still, keeping it clean is [...]

What Do You Think of HGTV Green Home 2011? Thumbnail

I don’t know what rock I’ve been living under, but the HGTV Green Home giveaway has been live for a while now, and I’m just getting around to taking the tour. To put it lightly, I am in love! The 2011 Green Home is located in Denver, CO, and compared to last year’s, it feels [...]

You Don’t Have to Save the World on Earth Day: Just Live Consciously Thumbnail

Every year on Earth Day, I debate whether I should write a post. After all, this site is dedicated to all things green 365 days a year. Still, I wanted to acknowledge that if you’re one of many who have never really thought about their impact on the planet, today is a great day to [...]

Tackling the Laundry Room: DIY Chevron Curtain Tutorial Thumbnail

The laundry room was a clutter magnet, and no matter what we did, we could never keep the two shelves in the room looking neat or organized. That simply wouldn’t do for the SYLVANIA Blogger Makeover Challenge. I had to make the room look good! My solution? Cover up the shelves! I initially planned to [...]