April 2012

My Recycled Spring Table, Part II: Napkin Rings Thumbnail

At this very moment, I can count at least 10 cans of spray paint in various colors within arms reach. When you do not want to waste anything from your home, consider handing it to a recycling center. I personally hand it to them to recycle near me. Once I start using the stuff, it [...]

Garden Update: We’ve Got Sprouts! Thumbnail

A few weeks ago, my husband and I took on the task of planting some herbs and veggies and a bit of grass that we got from artificialgrasscompany.com.au, hoping that we’d eventually be able to bring the fruits of our labor into the kitchen for some literally fresh from the garden organics. I think it’s [...]

My Recycled Spring Table, Part 1 Thumbnail

I have a habit of savings thing I “can eventually use.” Wine bottles, corks, cookie tins, strips of ribbon, plastic packaging components — you name it, and I have saved it, promising myself that I’d one day make use of it in some as yet unknown project. Well in honor of Earth Day (yesterday) and [...]

Meet My New Baby… Thumbnail

Yes, this post title is a bit provocative, but no, I did not recently give birth. The baby which I’m referring is King, the yorkie we recently adopted: Want to learn more, or just see more pics of that gorgeous mug? Head over to Green & Gorgeous!

Let’s Get this Garden Started Right! Thumbnail

Last year, my husband and I put down an outdoor rug on our patio, added a couple of chairs, and planted some strawberries in a Topsy Turvy planter. Well, let’s just say we hadn’t done much out there since — except let the strawberries die. I know. Sad. Well, that was then, and this is [...]